IIC/I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module

موديل يستخدم لجعل الشاشة LCD تعمل بطرفين

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IIC I2C LCD Module For 16×2 And 16×4 LCD is? used to give HD44780-compatible interface LCD modules a serial interface via the I2C bus. This allows you to control the LCD with only two data wires from your microcontroller (and power of course).


  • Up to 8 LCD displays with adapters can be connected and controlled by the same two wire I2C bus
  • Easy to control using Arduino board
  • Compatible with 16 x 2 character LCD displays
  • Adapter includes 16-PIN male header connector for soldering to LCD display
  • Contrast is adjusted via onboard potentiometer
  • Backlight may be turned on/off via jumper
  • Standard 5V voltage supply
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