LCD1602 Blue with Soldering

شاشة عرض LCD مع إضاءة خلفية زرقاء اللون ذات إضاءة ساطعة وتباين عالي مع تحويلة سيريل I2C لتشغيل شاشة الـ LCD عن طريق الـ I2C دون الحاجة الى استخدام عدة خطوط كثيره لتشغيلها واختصار عدد المخارج المستخدمة من الاردوينو.

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LCD1602 is an industrial character type LCD that can show 16*2, i.e. 32 characters. The character generator ROM in the LCD module has already stored 160 different characters in dot matrix, including Arabic numbers, letters in low and upper case, and common symbols. In UNO IDE, a built-in library LiquidCrystal can be called directly, and you don’t need to write it, which is pretty convenient for beginners.

Its working voltage is 5V, and you can adjust the contrast via the 50K potentiometer. For the backlight, just connect pin A to 3.3V and K to GND, and then it will light up.

Pins of LCD1602 and their functions:
connected to ground
 connected to a +5V power supply
to adjust the contrast

A Read/Write pin to select between reading and writing mode


An enabling pin that, when low-level energy is supplied, causes the LDC module to execute relevant instructions.

 to read and write data
A and K:
 Pins that control the LCD backlight
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